Giveaway Good + Reclamation Clothing

Giddy as ever to be giving away a dress from Reclamation Clothing, aka one of my very best friend Lauren Graebner’s fashionably sustainable apparel company.  Lauren had a dream to design dresses and clothes that help save the environment, while also saving you money! Her designs are simple + pretty. They are flattering on literally any body type, and perfect for the summer, or all you warm weather climate people! She also makes, tanks, bow…

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What is #braidit?

Many have messaged us on the story and origin of our commonly used phrase, Braid it.  Here, is that story.  January 4th, 2013.  We were 2 years deep into our long distance relationship. We knew we loved each other, but long distance had numbed the feeling. After we met, Jeremy started to write poetry a lot. There is something about poetry that helps one realize the emotions they are feeling….


Giveaway Good + FitTea

So I realize it’s Thursday… so this giveaway is a day late, but I promise I have a legit reason. I’ll explain why in a post soon! But lots of things are stirring up! Change on the horizon… and as a result, the past couple months I’ve spent ample time in airports/living out of a suitcases. My sleep schedule and eating habits have been totally out of wack. I can’t wait…

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4th of July + Copa Di Vino Giveaway

The 4th of July = my favorite holiday “FREEEEEDOMMMM” – Braveheart As a Botti (my maiden name) , the 4th of July always represented farms, country music, ATV rides, BBQ’s, long boarding with my best through shut down streets, parades, hay rides, paddle boats, fishing, frying, cobbler, sleeping in tents, slip n’ slides, campfires, baseball, and of course freedom.  Even before I knew what the 4th of July represented historically, I felt a…

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Attn: Maid Of Honor’s: 9 ‘musts’ for a bachelorette party

This past weekend I went to my sister-in-law to be’s bachelorette party at the Oregon coast.  It was a riot and we left with good memories, solid conversations, and epic photo evidence.  It got me to thinking of allllll the bachelorette parties (including my own) that I’ve been to over the recent years, and what made them a blast or a bust. Through my reflection I came to realize these “9 musts…

Casey Wiegand + Giveaway Good

I am ABSOLUTELY HONORED to announce this weeks giveaway good! So first of all… let me just tell you about my absolute favorite blogger, who is also the first blogger I fervently  followed! CASEY WIEGAND My friend Hannah introduced me to Casey’s blog when I was first starting after my senior year in high school.  Most of you may not know, but I started my blog the summer before my freshman year in…


Red Leaf Leather | Giveaway Good

Wednesday yay that means GIVEAWAY day! Sorry this post is comin’ at ya a little late! I got stuck at the dentist… But I am excited to announce this weeks giveaway, and tell you my story from giving away good last week! If you didn’t catch last weeks giveaway you can read it here. But basically, I challenged you guys to buy coffee for the person in line behind you at the…

Adventures of Joshua Tree

Jeremy and I wandered east to Joshua Tree not too long ago, and wow I am speechless for how beautiful this place is.  The endless landscape of Joshua Trees (growing with ZERO water), the freckled night sky full of light, and the piles of massive boulders all attribute to it’s beauty, but even more than that… there is NO CELL PHONE SERVICE. Which is hands down the most beautiful thing of  all….

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Sseko Designs | Giveaway Good

Guys it’s Wednesday! Time to giveaway some goods. This week I’m giving a way a gift that keeps on giving! Sseko Designs is an ethical fashion brand that hires high potential women in Uganda to make sandals! These sandals are cute, comfy, and CAUSE worthy! Each pair of sandals helps women in Uganda earn money that goes towards their college education fund! These sandals are so versatile! You can change the way you…