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Hi friendlies! My name is Audrey Mirabella Roloff. I’m 24 and I live in Bend, Oregon.

This lifestyle blog is a hodgepodge of me – Auj Poj. Here you’ll find bits of family, faith, and fashion, mixed with stories of adventure, fitness tips, marriage/relationship recommendations, candid girl talk, home videos, and insight on the #journeyofjerandauj.

Since about age 5 my family and friends have called me “Auj.” Somewhere along the way the “Auj” tacked on a “Poj,” and Auj Poj seemed to perfectly fit my hodgepodge lifestyle.

I am a combination of raspy loudness, frizzy redness, running craziness, redeemed brokenness, persevering faithfulness, and striving to reflect more of Christlikeness.  I want to bear His image in all my ways, ALWAYS MORE and MORE.

My life mantra is, “Always More”, which you can read about here.

I started journaling my life from the time I could write. I have about 50 journals recording my life, prayers, and thoughts.  Eventually, my physical journals turned into digital story-telling, although I still love putting pen to paper.  Telling stories and sharing life has been the heart behind my blog since its humble beginnings in 2010.

I grew up in Portland Oregon. I still love braiding wildflowers in my hair, and staining pine tree sap on my feet.  I’ve had the same best friends since kindergarten, and I often write symbolic words on my hands with sharpies. I’m a little bit stubborn and a lot bit passionate; I blame both on the red hair. I am especially fond of railroad tracks, pancakes, red lipstick, antiques, Young Life, jumping off high things into water, and Jesus.

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In 2014, I married my farm boy, adventure-partner, lover, and teammate for life – Jeremy James Roloff.  Before we got married, Jeremy and I endured a three-year long-distance relationship. He went to film school in Santa Barbara, while I ran cross country and track for Oregon State. #gobeavs.

auj+jer-51 copyRight after our honeymoon we moved to Los Angeles, CA where I worked in sales for a winery and Jeremy worked in production.  Psych…. We spent a year there and realized it was not for us, so we recently moved to beautiful Bend, Oregon. We are thrilled to be closer to Roloff Farms, where we hope to one day build our own home, and raise our own family.

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That’s a dollop of me, I hope you’re here to stay! If so, don’t forget to subscribe below! 

Want to read more about me? Check out my story here.

Disclaimer: I am not a “fashion blogger.” Although I love fashion and will definitely share bits of my style inspiration with you all, my photos may not be perfectly symmetrical and flawlessly retouched. They may not contain fresh cut flowers, a bazillion candles and succulents, photos of my lattes, and/or $800 shoes…  If that is what you’re after, I’m not your girl. Sometimes beautiful photos capture ugly life, and sometimes ugly photos capture beautiful life.

*** This blog is for profit by way of affiliates, advertisements, and sponsorships. However, all opinions are my own, and I do not post anything I would not purchase, wear or use for myself. Honesty is far more important to me than any potential earning. Thank you so much for following my blog!


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